Carpathian Journal of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Volume 7, Number 1 - 2014

Analisys of the Methods of Preventing of Contention Resolution in Optical Packet Switching Networks
A. Abdullaev, Ján Turán

A Driver Behavior Learning Framework for Enhancing Traffic Simulation
Ramona Maria Paven, Mihai Pachia, Dan Pescaru

Segmentation of complex document
Souad Oudjemia, Zohra Ameur, Abdeldjali Ouahabi

Why Evolutionary Ontologies are a completely different field than Genetic Algorithms
O. Matei, D. Contraş, A. Pintescu

Wearable sensors network for health monitoring using e-Health platform
I. Orha, S. Oniga

Optical Networks FTTx and Reduced Attenuation Balance with Passive Optical Splitter
T. Ivaniga, J. Ružbarský, Ľ. Ovseník, J. Turán