For the publishing of each article, it is read by the redaction team, to verify if all the instructions are followed and to verify if the article is well placed, regarding the thematic. After that each article is seen by two scientific referents. If one of the referents, or both of them, has observations, the article is resend to the author for the appropriate modification.

After this step, the article is sent again to the scientific referents. If the article is rejected for publication, by at least one of the referents it will not be published. The overall process will be finalized by the Editor in Chief

Starting 2019 we introduced Online First, the immediate online publication after finishing the reviewing process. The articles will be published on-line before the printed version appears. It will no longer be necessary to wait until the "next issue".

Each article will receive the international identification code - "Digital Object Identifier" (DOI), registered with the International DOI Foundation and is unique. Contributions published Online First are citable by journal title and DOI.

This magazine respects the international standards and it is published in English.